Vaibhav Patel

V.P. of Development and Operations

Vaibhav manages the acquisition and ongoing-service associated with Rama Tika’s portfolio of clients. He acts as a liaison between hotel management, owners, corporate staff, and brand managers. Vaibhav also works with clients on matters regarding the acquisition of a property, the sale of a property, asset management, property analysis, and evaluations. He possesses the acumen and talent required by the hospitality industry. Thus, he has successfully assessed and maintained budgets to meet profitability goals and benchmarks for RTML hotels.

Vaibhav is a graduate from Ohio State University and the Fisher College of Business, with a degree in Business Administration emphasizing Real Estate and Finance. During his career in the hospitality industry, he has acquired a thorough understanding of the business and the impact associated with the ebb and flow of the industry. As an individual, he has earned General Manager and Sales Manager certificates for multiple brands.

Vaibhav’s management philosophy is to manage the hotel as an owner. He takes special care to attend to the needs of the staff, the guests, and the property. This philosophy allows him to transform distressed hotels into top performers and average hotels into stars.

Since joining RTML, Vaibhav has held the positions of General Manager and Regional Manager. With his hands-on management style, it’s not uncommon to spot him working at the Front Desk or tending the Breakfast Area. In this way, he builds relationships with the team members and ensures a consistently high level of operations. In addition, he has developed state-of-the-art control devices to assist and simplify the lives of investors and managers.