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Human Resources

A hotel’s success is largely determined by its employees. Great employees go the extra mile, provide five star services, and are a valuable asset to the operation of the hotel. In order for hotels to break through to new levels of profitability and success, they need to recruit, train, and retain the best employees possible. RTML has a wealth of experience in assembling star performers that can take your hotel to new heights.

Going From Good To Great

We know what makes the difference between good hotel managers and great hotel managers – personality. We invest in the type of people that not only make and keep friends, but also those that exude the charisma that brings a property to life and makes a hotel the kind of place that guests want to stay at and employees want to work for. Hotel owners know that finding such star performers can be difficult and rare to acquire.

However, RTML uses a proprietary selection tool to selectively recruit the most talented General Managers and associates. Our selection tool assists us in matching the talents of associates to the right job. Additionally, Rama Tika Managers have the expertise to run a business, the zest to give it the energy it needs, and the trustworthiness required for a business to hand over their management reins to an outside company.


  • Standard Operational Procedures implementation for each department
  • Extensive Employee Handbook and policy implementation
  • Comprehensive hiring, termination and employee retention practices
  • Comprehensive Labor law practices keeping United State Department of Labor’s laws in practice.
  • Competitive Bonus and Incentive packages
  • Unemployment Cost controls
  • Extensive training and development programs

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