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Sale & Acquisition Management

Whether you are an entrepreneur or investor considering the acquisition of a hotel or an owner looking to sell a hotel, there are a number of risks and special considerations to review during the process. RTML’s expertise and experience in the negotiation process can help you navigate the complex legalities involved and help you finalize the optimum deal.

Sale Management

Our comprehensive sale coordination service can help you plan the sale, assess and improve the value, and negotiate the sale. From beginning to end, RTML will give you expert advice and insight into coordinating the sale.

Acquisition Management

Our comprehensive acquisition coordination service can help you plan your purchase, obtain the necessary funding, and negotiate the purchase. With our expertise and experience as a Hotel Management Company, we know the operating angles of the existing asset and can prepare detailed feasibility studies to assist the evaluation and purchasing process.

Planning The Sale/Acquisition

We can help create a roadmap that will make the process as seamless as possible. There are many different events and parties that need to be coordinated during the process, and RTML can help organize, plan, and execute meetings for negotiating the details of the anticipated sale/acquisition. Our commitment to meticulous attention to detail during the planning process ensures that you come out ahead.

Expert Negotiation

With years of experience in the hospitality industry, RTML can help you avoid pitfalls and dead ends during the negotiation process. Our expert negotiators know the finer points of contract mediation, from accurately valuing and assessing a property to crafting bids that are both competitive and attractive to sellers. With a team of consulting experts skilled in arbitration at your side, you can enter a negotiation with confidence.


  • Hotel Acquisition aid
  • Capital Improvement planning and budgeting
  • Operational overview and evaluations
  • Operational Budget oversight and guidance
  • Property tax & insurance review
  • Market evaluations and overview
  • Internal opinions of value and disposition strategies
  • Evaluate benefits of and selection from available brands.

Advisory services to include internal opinions of value, dispute resolutions and disposition options

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